datajockey in buenos aires

datajockey buenos aires

i’m honored to announce that i’ll be giving a workshop at flexible lab, buenos aires, in a partnership with laboratorio de juguete. the workshop will be based on the previous one that took place in the Museum of Image and Sound of São Paulo. there will be 4 meetings. in the first one, a discussion on the subject of computation and data visualization is proposed. for the next 3 meetings, 3 exercises are proposed: one of text data visualzation; one of access and appropriation of the twitter databank; and the last one, an experiment with data coming from the physical world.

also, i’ll be giving an introduction to the subject of the workshop on the thursday before the 1st meeting, 21/07, from 19:00 to 20:30, also at flexible lab.

if you happen to be interested in participating, write an e-mail to with a brief curriculum and a few words about your expactations.

well, hope to see you there. special thanks to jorge crowe and to the flexible lab!

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