Modified toys occupy Buenos Aires

fatto in casa jorge crowe

If you are not aware of the modified toys that are occupying Buenos Aires (ok, just an opportunist joke), you will now have four chances to meet them. Jorge Crowe and I will be presenting the live audiovisual performance Fatto in Casa in several opportunities in the next few days at the capital of the Porteños.

For those who don’t know the perfomance, Fatto in Casa explores the re-use and modification of old toys and objects as an audiovisual platform. Jorge plays the soundscapes with a huge set of little frankensteins, while i modify video images taken from his set in real time, using a very improvised prototype based on the Reactable project. We’ve already presented the performance two times earlier this year, and we invite you to check out the next toy attacks!

The first jam will be held on Saturday, December 10th, at the Street a delika, in the Zafra espacio de formación artística (3096 Sarmiento St.), at 5pm.

street a delika

On the 11th, we will be performing at the E.A.S.T. – Encuentro de arte sonoro en transito, in the Galería Patio del Liceo (2729 Santa Fé Av.), from 4pm on.

encuentro de arte sonoro en transito

Then, on Thursday, December 15th, we will be at the Espacio Ecléctico, in a very nice event called Genealogía del Objeto. our noise starts at 8pm.

genealogía del objeto

Finally, on Saturday, December 17th, we’ll be performing at the 3rd edition of the well known Dorkbot. The time of the performance is still to be announced, so stay tuned in this blog or in my Facebook.

dorkbot 3 buenos aires

Below are some images from our first two performances in September of this year, in the Festival de Narrativas Hiper/Textuales and in one of the Sintomática parties. I shall soon be posting a little video taken from these two presentations.

See ya around!

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