Thinking the urbe: AVLab Córdoba September 2011

The 4th instalment of the AVLab Córdoba meetings (remember the last one?), curated by daniel gonzález xavier, will take place at the local centro cultural españa, on the  19th and 20th of september. this time, the event proposes a discussion around a theme that is brought back every once in a while, underlining an insistent necessity to rethink the urban and informational scapes. It is clear now that the urbe can be analyzed in terms of language, that is, as a composition of mediatic processes that continually modify the patterns of its experience. cellphones and online tools guide human nodes (a term i occasionally will rather use instead of users) to their destination, while indicate their movement through streets and places of interests, connecting millions of people in a narrative network, a virtual culture of the exchange of opinions (fact that allows certain authors to identify in contemporary networks a revival of certain aspects of oral cultures). cameras everywhere, either picturing a stage for someone’s life particular episode, either serving as control mechanisms. the sound of cars, planes, helicopters, undiscriminated publicity. radio-frequency communications. different but inter-related layers of information that can be thought as a platform to analyze, interpret and represent urban scapes and their complex vectors.

With a fast-changing mobile, network and simulation technology scenario, it’s always interesting to bring such discussion forward, not only to understand such a schizophrenic rate of ‘innovations’, but also to try to identify their impact in different cultural contexts, as well as to consider the consequences of an increasing obsolete material culture.

This AVLab tries to bring into this discussion a few distinct but somehow intertextual perspectives of a few artists and investigators.

The project Bineural-Monokultur (Christina Ruf and Ariel Dávila) will share their experience with their audio tours, a work that proposes an ‘actorless’ theatre, the city as stage for narrative sound interfaces.

The educators and researchers of the information science, Yamila Ferreyra and Valerya Sbuelz, propose a discussion around the possible cartographies of bodies, synergies and contrasts in between different urban territorialities in córdoba’s context. Their workshop will be based on the creation of possible strategies to map such circumstances.

My participation in the discussion concerns projection as a technology and a technique to provide visual interfaces for détournements: the technical moving and realtime image applied into space that superposes layers of visual subjectivity over urban scapes. There will be a quick workshop to present to the participants the basic idea behind projection mapping (based on previous meetings), using the opensource tool vpt. the workshop happens on september 20th, from 10am to 12:30pm.

After the workshops, at 2:00pm, a quick lab will be proposed, in which participant artists and workshop attendants will engage into the development of a possible installation to take place at the cultural center and its surroundings, during the night that closes the event.

Please visit the website of the Centro Cultural España to check the schedule of the event and to apply for the workshops.

The event will be streamed live by the CCE.

hope to see you there!


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