Here you will find a collection of texts and articles I have written for congresses, events or simply for the sake of knowledge sharing. I will gladly receive your opinion about them (write me an e-mail). Most texts are in Portuguese or Spanish only (sorry about that).


» O aspecto político de uma estética de dados (The political aspect of database aesthetics): selected article for the #13 ART – Art and Technology Congress of Brasília, Brazil, in October/2014;

» Projeção Mapeada, um manual (Projection mapping, a manual): written in 2012 with Paloma Oliveira, contemplates several techniques and a historical and technological background of the technique;

» Metáforas: aproximações entre o Surrealismo e o design de hipermídia (Metaphors: proximities between Surrealism and hypermedia design): selected article for the P&D 2008 congress in São Paulo, Brazil, October/2008;